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These hollow halls echo with laughter and pain — the lunacy of mental illness. Erected in 1856, the Northampton State Hospital was one of the first state hospitals built in the United States. Today, it is a mere shadow of its once bright future — an eerie reflection of the lost souls that called it home. In each uncertain doorway, each anxious window, each suspicious stairwell, we sense the dark gaze of the moon — the subtle glimpses of hope, and the forlorn acceptance of fate. And yet, in this haunting series of photos, Anna Schuleit has not written a requiem, but rather, she has orchestrated a grand tribute to an august building that, like its former inhabitants, has been abandoned, cast off from society, stripped of its dignity, and put into “disuse.”
Enjoy now this excerpt from the artistic installation honoring Northampton State Hospital, by Anna Schuleit.